Something Amazing Would Happen If Obama Leaves Office A Day Early

The idea has become so popular among the masses that there is actually a petition requesting the president resign early.


A Twitter user made a suggestion that President Barack Obama should resign a day earlier so the world could troll Donald Trump — and get to experience President Joe Biden — and his post has gone viral.


The suggestion, as pointed out by another Twitter user, was initially given by Andy Levi in October and stated, “Obama should resign on his last day in office so [B]iden gets to be president for a day.”

Twitter users had a lot of fun thinking about Joe Biden becoming president for a day, but after Donald Trump won the election, the idea took on a whole new meaning. If Obama resigned, Biden would become the 45th president of the United States, effectively ruining “the pre-printed inauguration memorabilia ‘45th president’ stuff Trump has made.”

Although the thought is childish, if they can’t stop the boorish billionaire from becoming the leader of the free world, people would at least have the satisfaction of knowing millions of dollars worth of Trump merchandise would be wasted.

In fact, the idea has become so popular that there is actually a petition asking to Obama to resign a day earlier.

“As Mr. Biden's term in office comes to a close, it's time we the people to whom he has given so much, now give something back to him,” the petition reads.

“Especially in light of the dark days to come under the incoming Trump administration, America needs a ray of hope and goodness to pierce the darkening clouds.

“America needs Joe Biden to move out of the corridors of hilarious Internet memes and into the Oval Office.

“America needs President Joe Biden.”

Obviously the request is a joke, but as one user said: “It is a perfect idea. Remember, humor is one of the best weapons to fight fascism.”

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