Women Assault McDonald’s Employee, Then Pose For Happy Mugshots

Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaley allegedly attacked a fast-food worker because “she was working too slowly.”

Employee Then Pose For Happy Mugshots

The Bellevue Police Department in Ohio recently arrested three women accused of assaulting a McDonald’s employee for working too slowly and not serving them fast enough. The police report suggests the women cornered the poor worker in the parking lot and beat her up for not completing their order in a timely manner.

The suspects, Ashley England, 29, Mary Jordan, 33, and Sammie Whaley, 31, all hail from Sandusky, Ohio, and are gaining online fame for their playful mugshots — which look more like selfies than booking pictures.

The police department apparently identified all three of them through the CCTV footage provided by McDonald’s.

"They were not purposely allowed to take the mug shots in that manner," Det. Eric Burt told WDTN. "That’s the way they decided to take the pictures."

The judge wasn’t too happy with the pictures either, which subsequently affected the young women in the court.

“That’s why there was no 10% allowed on their bond and they were taken to jail,” Burt added. “We felt the impact of these mugshots would show more of the true [attitude] of these females concerning this incident.”

Along with assault, England and Jordan were also charged with child endangerment as their children were not only present at the time of the incident but also participated in the altercation. England also faces charges for theft while Whaley was only charged with assault.

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