Faced With Cancer, 90-Year-Old Woman Hits The Road For Big Adventure

Cancer? What cancer? This elderly woman's hobbies include rockhounding, basket making, knitting, reading, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, tea, beer, sweet wine and traveling.

A 90-year-old woman, after being told she had a large cancerous mass on her uterus, has set off on a road trip.

A 90-year-old woman

Two days after her husband of 67 years died, Norma was informed of her own illness. But her positive attitude toward it has given her the energy to battle the disease and live her remaining days to the fullest.  

Miss Norma

 “I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road," she said.

Miss Norma

Old Woman

Instead of spending her time in hospital undergoing cancer treatment, Norma has joined her son Tim and his wife Ramie, along with their poodle Ringo, on a trip across the country. Of course, this wasn’t possible without her doctor’s support, who OK'd her journey.

"As doctors, we see what cancer treatment looks like every day," the doctor told Norma's family. "ICU, nursing homes, awful side effects and honestly, there is no guarantee she will survive the initial surgery to remove the mass.”

The trio has been on the road for six months now, and have so far traveled to Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arizona, among other places.

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To share their experiences with the world, the family has set up a Facebook page, Driving Miss Norma. This attempts to inspire old people to undertake alternative end-of-life plans instead of spending their last days in bed.

"She continues to surprise us on this trip," Ramie told ABC News. "She’s getting healthier, I think, from eating well and being outside a lot. She’s breathing fresh air and getting to see new things all the time."

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