Olympic Lifeguard Appears To Have The World’s Most Boring Job

The New York Times captured a hilarious picture of an Olympic pool lifeguard who looked completely miserable while watching over an event.

According to Brazilian law, lifeguards must be present at any public pool over a certain size — even if the people using it are professional Olympic swimmers.

The New York Times captured a photo of a lifeguard watching over the Olympic swimming competition in Rio de Janeiro who looked bored out of her mind.

According to Times reporter John Branch, the woman captured in the photo is among 75 lifeguards working the Olympic Games.

While it may seem pointless to have the best swimmers in the world under lifeguard supervision, concussions are reportedly frequent in synchronized swimming and of course, water polo can get pretty physical.

Despite the fact that having lifeguards on duty is technically justifiable, this particular woman appeared totally uninterested.

As she sat with her fists cradling her face which wore a melancholy blank stare, it seems she is thinking deeply about all the ways her time could be better spent — never mind the fact that she has a front row seat to watch some of the greatest athletes from around the world showcase their extraordinary talents.

Once Twitter got ahold of the photo, jokesters wasted no time offering hilarious captions to describe what the woman must have been thinking based on the expression on her face and glum body language.

Although she may have been feeling bored and useless in the moment, that was probably the easiest money she’s ever made. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Michael Dalder

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