Brilliant Trick Makes Black And White Photo Appear In Full Color

After concentrating on the spot in the middle of this picture for a few seconds, you’ll see how complex – yet fascinating – the human brain is.

If you were impressed by last year’s top viral Internet phenomenon known as "The Dress," then you’ll definitely be fascinated after taking this optical illusion test that was featured on the BBC Four series “Color: The Spectrum of Science” last year.

During the demonstration, a black and white photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle is first shown. Later, a false color image with a blue dot in the center appears.

If you stare at the blue dot for a few seconds and quickly view the original photo again, something really remarkable will happen: Your brain will fill the black and white image with vivid colors.

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Here’s how it works: Over-exposure to one of the three primary colors, namely blue, red and green, causes the retina — the light-sensitive region at the back of your eyeball  to become desensitized to that shade.

As a result, when you move your eye to a monochromatic image, your eye fills it with the other two colors.

“By staring at the dot in the middle of the screen, my brain, and if you do it your brain, is doing something remarkable,” said Dr. Helen Czerski, a physicist at University College London, who carried out the experiment for the BBC.

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