PETA Ad Comparing Rape Victims To Cows Is Appalling, To Say The Least

PETA apparently thought it was OK to compare the mistreatment of livestock to the experiences of sexual assault survivors.


Ingrid Newark, PETA's president responded to those upset by the ad without apologizing to rape survivors. "It is rape when someone sticks their hand into a vagina or rectum without permission." In fact, Newark went on to criticize PETA's detractors, saying "Who can honestly complain about the sexual abuse of women if they accept the sexual abuse of other females who happen not to be human...?"



Rape is an important topic that must be talked about more often, and so is animal’s rights, but the two certainly cannot be compared.

Unfortunately, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has certainly failed to acknowledge this fact.

A recently released ad by the organization shows a number of teary-eyed women, filmed in black and white, sharing some horrid memories with the viewers.

 The video contains phrases like “One man held me down, while another man touched me,” “I didn’t know what I had done wrong,” “they got me pregnant,” “to them I’m an object,” with an eerie music playing in the background.  

The clip continues further in the same manner, convincing viewers the ad is about rape and sexual abuse.

However, things take a nasty turn when out of nowhere one woman holds up a picture of a cow.

“Every year billions of animals are born into the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Almost all of them are a result of forcible artificial insemination, rape,” the ad goes on.

Twitter users understandably found the ad extremely offensive, and many people — including rape survivors — expressed their outrage.








Meanwhile, PETA refused to acknowledge its fault and continued justifying the use of women in the ad.



Well, honestly, the organization could have just used animals in the video since they aimed to raise awareness for them only. When it comes to rape, sexual assault and such sensitive topics, it is important that people understand the sentiments attached to it and take note of the fact that talking about such matters lightheartedly may offend someone.

It could also be triggering for the victims.

PETA is no stranger to controversial ads. While the organization often gets celebs to pose naked, one particularly obnoxious ad featuring Joanna Krupa with a crucifix attracted immense attention and outcry.

“Be an angel for animals. Always adopt. Never buy,” it read.

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