Here’s How China Carries Out Marathon Demolition Of A Highway Overpass

It took the machines nearly 56 hours to tear apart and clear rubble from the highway that used to handle 100,000 vehicles a day.

The Yonghe Gate overpass in China, built in the 1990s during an infrastructure construction boom in the country, was reduced to rubble over the weekend in a matter of hours.

More than a hundred excavators took part in the marathon demolition project in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. The heavy construction machines lined up alongside the elevated road and began chipping away at the structure. It took them approximately 56 hours to bring down the highway and clear the area of the remaining debris — which is a remarkable feat, considering it was a 500-meter path.

The 24-year-old overpass, which carried nearly 85,000 vehicles on a daily basis, was demolished to help make way for a subway system.

As Reuters reports, “with car ownership on the rise, the two-lane overpass could no longer sustain the amount of traffic traveling on it CCTV added, so local officials decided it was time to tear it down.”

“The demolition scene was spectacular, but I had mixed feelings seeing it pulled down,” a police officer told the South China Morning Post.

Watch the marathon demolition in the video above.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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