Video Shows Passengers Panic, Pray As Flight Makes Emergency Landing

A Titan Airways flight to Poland made an emergency landing in Amsterdam when the plane suddenly lost air pressure and oxygen masks were deployed.

A group of 272 passengers traveling from London Stansted Airport to Poland were faced with panic and mayhem when their plane suddenly lost air pressure, forcing them to pull on their oxygen masks.

A video recorded of the incident shows the Jewish passengers reading from payer books and singing Ani Ma’amin, which is a 13-point version of the Jewish principles of faith, when the plane began experiencing turbulence.

The flight was going to Rzeszow, Poland, where some Jewish passengers planned to take part in pilgrimage and visit the tombstone of Rabbi Elimelech Weisblum. However, it had to make an emergency landing in Amsterdam due to the unexpected situation.

While many people on the plane managed to remain calm and continued talking to one another, others anxiously held their oxygen masks in front of their face.

“There were no injuries amongst the passengers and crew but on arrival the aircraft was met by emergency service personnel as a precaution to ensure the welfare of the passengers. Whilst such events are rare, all Titan Airways crew undergo regular rigorous training in accordance with EU EASA regulations to ensure they manage such situations successfully,” said a spokesman for the airline.

For now, the Boeing 767 is removed from service and the airline is working with passengers to organize further travel plans.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Peter Cziborra

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