Park Worker Tries To Frame Driver In Hit-And-Run In A Bizarre 911 Call

“Ma’am, ma’am, he’s running me over. Ma’am, hurry, please hurry. Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! You’re going to jail. You’re hurting me,” the woman yelled for no reason.

A video shared on Facebook shows a seemingly unhinged woman screaming “bloody murder” for no reason at a man who was trying to drive out of a park in Texas.

Chris Hampshire was leaving the lake at Cedar Breaks Park in Georgetown, Texas, on Aug. 25 when a gate attendant tried to stop him. Hampshire said he accidentally steered down the wrong exit but when he realized his mistake, he immediately corrected himself. However, a worker at the gate saw him and immediately jumped in front of his car, telling she was going to call the cops on him.

Hampshire insisted she could not hold him there without any reason and that’s when the woman completely lost her mind.

In a video recorded by Hampshire, the woman is seen standing with her hand on the hood of his car, apparently on the phone with the police, where she told them bald-faced lies.

“Ma’am, ma’am, he’s running me over. Ma’am, hurry, please hurry,” the woman shouted, even though the car is still in the video.

“Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!” she screamed hysterically to someone who never appeared in a more than 2-minute long video.

She then turned to Hampshire and said, “You are… You’re in trouble. You’re going to jail. You’re hurting me.”

“How?” asked Hampshire.

“You just ran over me and he’s still moving. Please, ma’am, please hurry…. Take him off of me,” she yelled.

Hearing all the commotion, a park ranger came out, asking what was wrong. It was at that time the woman started ? uncontrollably.

“I want him arrested. I want him arrested,” she screamed.

The park ranger tried to console the woman, while at the same time asked Hampshire to stay at the park.

“I have done nothing wrong,” said Hampshire and prepared to leave but the woman stepped in front of his car once again.

“He’s gonna leave. Then he’s gonna run over you too… Get him out of here,” said the seemingly deranged woman, while at the same time leaning against the car, preventing Hampshire from doing just that.

After Hampshire posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, it went viral, with many people calling out the woman for her unacceptable behavior.







Cedar Breaks Park has watched the video and decided it was best to cut ties with the employee, a representative told BuzzFeed News.

“She was not fired. We got to a mutual agreement not to renew her contract, which was coming up, and that it was best to part ways,” said the deputy of public affairs, Randy Cephus.

“It was not the way we conduct ourselves and we regret the incident occurred. We want everyone to come to our facilities to have a nice and safe recreational experience,” Cephus said.

“We apologize for any misunderstanding,” he added. “We expect [our staff] to act in a professional manner. That was not in line with our core policies.”

 Even though the situation seems entertaining to a person far removed from it, it is anything but. This type of entitled, willfully malicious behavior is exactly how people of color find themselves wrongfully maligned, arrested and in many cases, even killed. If Hampshire were a person of color and had not recorded the incident, the situation could easily have turned deadly.

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