Passenger Jumps Back Onto Burning Bus To ‘Tap Off’ Travel Card

Would you risk your life for a few bucks? One Sydney commuter did when he got back on a burning bus just to make sure his travel card wouldn’t be overcharged.

A bus passenger risked his life just to “tap off” his prepaid travel card and avoid paying a penalty fee.

Last September, 22 passengers were evacuated off a bus that had caught fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

As the investigation into the incident has begun to unfold, reports indicate that public transport investigators found that one of the riders returned to the bus while it was engulfed in flames to “tap off,” according to Mashable.

The maximum daily bus fare in Sydney is A$4.50, or $3.45 in U.S. dollars. The unnamed passenger must have thought he would be charged that amount if he didn’t tap off his card, despite the fact that the bus was burning to a crisp.

CCTV footage reportedly captured the passenger making his way back to the bus, willing to risk it all to save a few bucks.

Alas, his “brave” act was likely pointless because, “The Opal readers will only allow people to tap off when the bus is at a stop,” according to Action For Public Transport campaigner Jim Donovan.

“This person should obviously just have stayed well clear in any case,” he added.

Luckily, even despite this man’s dangerous stunt, all of the passengers and driver escaped safely with three people being treated for minor smoke inhalation, reports.

It is believed that an electrical problem in the engine bay was the cause of the fire.

Social media users offered their two cents on the passenger’s life or death penny-pinching, with most people giving props to him for thinking quick on his feet and avoiding a potential financial burden.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Jorge Láscar

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