These Hilarious In-Flight Moments Will Crack You Up

From experiencing tremors due to bad weather to sitting right next to a stuffed toy – anything can happen on an airplane.

If there is one place on earth where anything can happen, it’s an airplane, where one can meet different people from all across the world and experience some rather unique things ranging from scary turbulence due to bad weather to discovering a real snake hanging from the overhead luggage bin.

Scroll down to see some unusual photo shared by passengers, demonstrating some pretty bizarre moments and showing some really weird people.

This passenger is appalled by the Rapunzel sitting in front of him, letting her hair down over the back of her seat — he is not Flynn Ryder girl, you are on a plane. Get a grip, in fact, just get a hair clip.

I raise you one first class panda bear.


A stuffed toy panda (not even a real one) can be seen sitting right next to this passenger. Is there anything left in the world for this man to see? Probably not.

What's your Sleep Number?


The moment this man confused a plane for a bar after drinking all the booze, someone clicked his picture. That’s what happens when you down eight drinks on a plane, folks, be careful next time.

Yet another picture of a drunken passenger, but this one is taped to his seat.

According to the online user who submitted the photo, the drunken man chugged an entire bottle of duty free alcohol and started screaming “we’re going to crash,” after which he was obviously treated like this.

Well that is just plane inconvenient.


This has to be the worst typo ever, or maybe a clumsy passenger tripped over the seat ripping the “t” from the seat, what the instructions read now are pretty dangerous.

Whatever you do, don’t ever jump down the plane in search of a sea to find a belt.


Someone clicked a picture of a man wrapped in a plastic bag. We don’t even know if he was being smuggled or just being plain stupid?

Saw this lady on the plane...


Clearly, this woman had no problems falling asleep in a plane.

What a serene sleeper. 

So the guy in the row next to me purchased a seat (Milan to NYC) for his Cello. While boarding, different flight attendants would walk past and tell him he couldn't have it there and he kept producing a ticket for the seat.


People kept telling this musician that he can’t keep his cello on the passenger seat. Turns out, he actually bought a ticket for his instrument.


This guy just paid extra to tweet a picture of a stuffed toy. Talk about his commitment to social media. 


And this was when the movie “Snakes In A Plane” turned in to a horrifying reality, because anything is possible in this wild, wild world.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Tyrone Siu

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