Patriots Player Crashes Press Briefing To Help Sean Spicer Do His Job

New England Patriot and Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski stole the show during Wednesday morning’s White House press briefing with a surprise appearance.

As members of the New England Patriots visited the White House on Wednesday to celebrate their February Super Bowl LI win, one particular athlete drifted into a room where he didn’t belong.

Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski hilariously interrupted an official White House press briefing facilitated by press secretary Sean Spicer.

As Spicer was answering a question from a reporter during the meeting, Gronkowski snuck in and offered his assistance.

“Sean, need some help?" asked Gronkowski, which elicited laughter from the audience.

“I think I got this, but thank you,” Spicer answered.

“You sure?” Gronkowski confirmed.

“Maybe,” Spicer jokingly replied.

Although the exchange was humorous, there is something to be said about Gronkowski asking Spicer if he needed help, considering the press secretary has been under great scrutiny for very poorly executing his job.

He has been criticized heavily for his blatant lies and “alternative facts” that make the entire Trump administration seem desperate and incompetent. Just last week, Spicer was slammed relentlessly for claiming that Adolf Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons in an attempt to shame Syrian President Bashar Assad.

While Gronkowski may have just been playing when he crashed Spicer’s briefing, the question of whether or not the White House staffer needs help is one that the many Americans are asking. Despite Spicer's own assertion that he’s “got this,” recent events indicate that he most certainly does not. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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