Unsuspecting Pedestrians Run As Building Is Demolished Without Warning

In just a matter of seconds, the huge 55-meter-tall building collapsed in on itself with a loud crunching noise and a huge cloud of dust.

No, this is not a scene from your regular apocalyptic movie. It’s actually a real life building collapsing almost on top of pedestrians in China.

A 12-story building, once considered the tallest in Changzou, a town in eastern China, was demolished last week. According to local media news channels, a new subway is supposed to be built there instead.

Videos of the huge complex being brought down without any warning are storming social media. In just a matter of seconds, the 55-meter-tall building collapsed in on itself with a loud crunching noise. Just beyond the building’s boundary walls, dozens of pedestrians are seen walking. As the structure collapses, a huge cloud of dust and debris blows out. Startled people are seen running away from the demolition sight and yelling as the pieces of rubble fly toward them.

It’s obvious from the footage that local authorities failed to secure the site before they decided to demolish the building. Some reports said that officials had placed warning posters in the area but pedestrians ignored them. However, they should also have installed a makeshift wall or another boundary that could have curbed the huge cloud of debris.

City officials also said that before the demolition, traffic on roadsides in front of it was halted, but as can be seen from the video, several cars can be seen driving in front of the path of the destruction.

It’s a miracle no one was hurt.

There was a lot of reaction for the irresponsible act by netizens.

“At least, I hope they warned the people living in the building,” said YouTube user Einherjar DK.

"Why where the civilians not notified? Or did they just not care??” said Johnathon Didicher

“Security Perimeter? Nahhh... In China they don't give a single f***,” said Federico Williams.

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