Elderly Woman Travels 10 Miles To Apologize To Finsbury Park Hero Imam

“I came here because the people who did this aren't English. They aren't Christian, they're animals, they're pigs,” said the pensioner.

Just a day ago, an imam was hailed a hero after he shouted “don't touch him” and protected terror suspect Darren Osborne from an angry mob before handing him over to the police.

Now, a pensioner has become famous on the internet after she traveled 10 miles, all the way from Ilford to Finsbury Park on her mobility scooter, to speak to Imam Mohammed Mahmoud.


“I came here because the people who did this aren't English.They aren't Christian, they're animals, they're pigs. Muslim, English, in the Koran and the Bible, it says love you brother like you would love yourself.Would you do that to your brother?Please say sorry to the family. It rips my heart out, it literally rips my heart out,” said Julie Simpson, who met Mahmoud at the Finsbury Park mosque.

The imam, who was visibly touched by Simpson’s gesture, responded by saying: “You don't have to apologize, he doesn't represent you. This criminal doesn't represent you and he doesn't represent Britain. They're a fringe group of criminals and extremists, likewise ISIS.”

“They don't represent Muslims and these people don't represent Britain. We're part of Britain,” he added.

Simpson then handed Mahmoud some money for the affected families as she sobbed and repeatedly said “I’m sorry my friend, I couldn’t do nothing.”

“You embarked on such a long journey for us,” the imam replied.

The heartwarming exchange between the elderly woman and imam just goes to prove that even today when racism and hate crime is on the rise, there are some people who still go the extra mile to comfort others and be there for them in time of need.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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