People Are Tossing Boiling Water In The Air To Make Snow

People are throwing boiling water in the air to show how the freezing temperature instantly turns the water into snow.

Daredevils are taking social media challenges to scalding heights.

People are dangerously "making" snow by throwing boiling water in the air in freezing temperatures, according to ABC News.

The new video trend showcases people from some of the coldest parts of the country as they dash things like pots filled with boiling water in the air and capture footage of the water as it freezes and turns into snow in curve-like shapes mid-air.

This is obviously a dangerous act to try anywhere. Seriously, who randomly throws boiling water in the air?

As expected, people have suffered burns from partaking in this new challenge, and they probably didn't consider what could happen to their skin prior to throwing the water in the wind.

Granted, it is really cold in most of the United States right now, and the wind chills are in the single digits in Oklahoma and below zero in Boston, according to Raw Story. Scientists are even trying to recreate the experiment at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire.

You'd have to be a very committed and fearless risk-taker to try pulling off this stunt. However, no amount of social media likes is worth potential second- or third-degree burns. 

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