People Are Sending Hilarious 'Care Packages' To Oregon Militiamen

After making a plea to the public for food, internet users and media outlets have decided to send some "care packages" to armed militiamen in Oregon.

In a pretty oblivious move, the armed militiamen that took over the an Oregon wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon, posted a plea on Facebook for food, supplies, and socks.

Seems they didn't plan very well.

In response to this plea, popular media sites like The Huffington Post and Gawker — as well as Reddit users — have taken it upon themselves to send these militiamen some of their very own "care packages."

Safe to say, these care packages might not be what the militiamen were hoping for. 

Shortly after their initial plea for food, one Huffington Post writer decided he would send armed members some food... pictures of food, that is. For an added bonus, a few spoilers for "The Bachelor" were included.

Gawker decided to take a little bit more of a practical approach and actually sent them a few important items — including condoms, a "Book of Jezebel," some tampons, Advil PM, as well as many more small items (like a few "lightly used" batteries). 

Reddit users decided to send something a little bit more fabulous. Instead of food, Reddit users have been sending them glitter bombs, probably inspired by the Send Your Enemies Glitter phenomena that happened last year. 

What better way for glitter bombing to make a comeback than to bedazzle some armed militiamen using any excuse to arm themselves, takeover a government building, defend their freedoms and liberties?

In all seriousness, the militiamen should have known better. Domestic terrorists that just so happen to be deemed "militiamen" are not going to get sympathy from the public.

As a country, we might not agree on much, but the overall consensus of this takeover remains pretty consistent among the public: armed protests are not peaceful protests, and your reasoning behind this takeover makes no sense — go home.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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