Church Receives $100,000 Lottery Prize: 'They Gave Us Christmas'

"It's very touching and very generous," Father Tom Conway of St. Anthony's Shrine said of the massive donation, which the donor gave free of conditions.

Somebody out there has a firm grasp on the concept of giving back during the holidays: On Dec. 19, an anonymous donor gave a $100,000 winning lottery ticket to a church in Boston, ABC News reports.

St. Anthony's Shrine, which is financially independent from the Catholic Church, was able to take home $70,000 after paying taxes. The donation was entirely no strings attached, and executive director Father Tom Conway was, understandably, blown away.

"It's very touching and very generous," he said. "In a lot of ways, it's kind of like they gave us Christmas."

Altogether, there are 28 Franciscan Friars living at St. Anthony's. The money will go toward Christmas-related pursuits, including a post-holiday dinner for veterans, compensation for musicians performing at the church, and buying food for hundreds of families in need.

Last but certainly not least, St. Anthony's will be helping one special little boy, who was found crying by one of the church's volunteers.

"The woman [he came with] said he's been in a foster family for two weeks and he's afraid that Santa won't be able to find him," Conway said. "We're going to make sure that this family has a nice Christmas. The lottery money will take care of it."

Amazingly, the good Samaritan didn't want even part of the winnings.

"The donor didn't ask for any of it back but just said it's yours, I just want to give it to you," Conway said, noting how remarkable the act of kindness was. 

Our hearts have been warmed like fresh Christmas cookies. Happy holidays! 

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