Peru’s New President Starts Cabinet Meeting With A Fitness Routine

The new president of Peru is giving even the cool Justin Trudeau a run for his money by starting his very first cabinet meeting in this unusual but healthy way.

The newly elected Peruvian president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, joined his cabinet ministers, not in the conference room, but in the front courtyard of Lima’s government palace — to work out.

Wearing sneakers and gym clothes, Kuczynski and 11 out of 19 of his cabinet ministers were put through their paces by physical fitness trainers for a half-hour in full view of the amused public.

Though the president is not as agile and flexible as his trainers, he gamely tried to keep up with them and did not let his lack of fitness get him down.

The pot-bellied former investment banker has faced questions about his health during the election campaign. By starting an exercise routine for embers of his cabinet, the president wants to encourage physical activity in Peru, especially in light of the fact that over half the population in the country is overweight.

"We want to promote health, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body,’” said Kuczynski, quoting a Latin proverb. “This is for the cabinet, but the press will be invited too," and added he would participate with his cabinet in the fitness regime every Wednesday morning.

Check out the president’s laudable attempts at exercise in the above video.

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