Woman Jumps In Freezing Water To Save Her Drowning Dog

A pet lover was caught on camera diving in freezing cold water to save her dog after it fell in a pond chasing a bird.

Love knows no bounds.

A woman in London, United Kingdom, risked her life to save her dog after it fell in an icy pond and could not manage to get back to the shore. According to witnesses, the animal was chasing a bird on the semi-frozen boating pond when it fell in. That’s when the owner sprung in action.

The unidentified pet lover took her jacket off and jumped in the freezing water before swimming toward her pup through the chunks of ice.

Once she rescued the canine, the thoughtful café owners offered her dry clothes. Had it not been for her brave efforts, the pooch no doubt would have drowned or froze to death. Thankfully, both of them are safe and sound.

Due to the icy cold temperatures in the U.K., the London Fire Brigade issued a warning for people to stay careful and avoid stepping on icy surfaces — especially dog owners.


"Some people take astonishing risks, especially pet owners whose dogs have gone onto the ice," said Community Safety Group Manager Mark Hazelton. "If your dog or any other animal ends up on the ice, stay put and call 999 so firefighters can rescue it, rather than taking risks yourself."

We’ve heard of dogs staying loyal to their owners but the tale of this one woman is an amazing display of how dog owners, too, cannot leave their pets in dangerous situations. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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