Pet Shelter Saves Dog’s Life By Faking Her Death

The Egypt-based SNARR facility couldn’t stand by and allow an abusive dog owner to maintain custody of his pet so they devised a plan to set the canine free.

The Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) made a difficult decision in order to save a dog from its abusive owner.

Staff members at SNARR’s Egypt facility were aware of a young, purebred, female pit bull that was malnourished and mistreated by her owner. In fact, she had been beaten so badly that her jaw was broken in two places, according to The Huffington Post.

While the workers’ first instinct was to rescue her, they faced a crucial dilemma due to the fact that the dog’s owner was the landlord of their shelter facility.

The owner refused their offer to take the pup off of his hands, forcing them to come up with a plan to save the canine without jeopardizing their rented space.

Their plan consisted of sending the dog to SNARR’s Philadelphia location with a volunteer traveler who would bring her to New York.

“The shelter had to be very careful when getting the dog [off the property],” Lauren Connelly, SNARR’s foster coordinator, reportedly told The Huffington Post. “If they made the man mad, then the shelter couldn’t exist.”

They waited until the owner left one day and then snuck the pup off to the U.S.

When he returned home, they told him his dog had died and he accepted that explanation without any further inquisition.

By the time the pup made it to America, she was in extremely bad shape.

“The smell of [Lucy’s] infection would turn your stomach, it was awful,” Connelly said. “Her jaw was so painful, she couldn’t eat. We had to make dog food soup so she can lick it up with her tongue.”

Connelly chose the name “Lucy” for the dog, who is now living a happy and healthy life following reconstructive jaw surgery, antibiotics, and several months of recovery.

She is frightened by adult males, being that she was abused by one, but she has mostly adjusted to life as a normal, domestic dog.

“She’s just like any other dog now,” Connelly said. “You’d never know that anything had happened to her.”

The Egyptian staff members’ decision involved stealing and lying — two actions that are generally frowned upon by most communities and cultures — but it was a choice saved an innocent life, which makes it noble and heroic.

Any person who could be so cruel and cause so much pain to another life doesn’t deserve to care for one.

Hopefully, Lucy’s original owner doesn’t plan to replace her. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/Winsker

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