Video Shows People Drag Petrified Tourists Across China’s Glass Bridge

Vertigo-inducing glass bottomed bridges have become a major tourist attraction in the Asian country, but not everyone has the stomach for it.

Glass bridges are immensely popular among Chinese thrill seekers, but a recently surfaced video is a reminder that these high-altitude structures are certainly not meant for the faint-hearted.

A clip making rounds on Chinese social media equivalent of Twitter, Weibo, shows a number of petrified tourists kicking and screaming as their companions try to pull them off the ground and across the bridge.

While some of the terrified visitors hold on to railings for support, others can be seen crawling on the floor — which seems like the worst idea ever, considering the structure has a transparent base and hangs above a deep canyon, overlooking its dark pits.

The antics of the frightened sightseers forced their family and friends to actually drag them across the bridge.

Although their reactions are hilarious, these people actually have a concrete reason to be scared. Last year, a similar glass bridge at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in Henan cracked under tourists’ feet after a man dropped his mug on its surface.

The vertigo inducing bridge in the footage above is believed to be located in Hunan Province.

China is set to inaugurate the world’s highest and longest glass bridge in its famous Zhangjiajie national park next month. The new structure will be 300 meters high and 430 meters long. It reportedly can support the weight of 800 people at once.

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