Photo Captures Woman’s Look Of Utter Disgust While Being Catcalled

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Warren Cain Pictures’ recent candid photo of a model being catcalled speaks volumes about sexual harassment.

A California photographer was in the middle of a shoot when he captured the exact moment his model was being harassed by a catcaller.

The Warren Cain Pictures shoot took place in Chico, California. According to Instagram, the shoot was for the photographer's upcoming "100 Years of American Fashion" series, and the model was dressed in a 1950s-inspired outfit, which was also a nod to Olivia Newton John's character in the classic musical "Grease." 

The photographer shared the candid photo with a caption explaining what happened in the moment when his friend and model was visibly exasperated after being sexually harassed multiple times throughout the day.

“My friend was sexually harassed SEVEN different times. It ranged from aggressive hollering from cars, an inappropriate back rub with one hand sliding towards her butt before she pulled away (this man was walking WITH HIS FAMILY when he did that), guys telling her she has a great a**, etc.”

He went on to describe the man who can be seen in the photo and his actions upon walking past the unnamed model.

“This gentleman in the back walked past her, turned around, grabbed his genitals through his pants, and began rubbing them dramatically as I took this picture. He did that for a good 10 seconds. At 1 pm. In public."

The sarcastic irony behind the photographer calling this pervert a “gentleman” appears rather deliberate.

Although the cringe-worthy image was not what the shoot was initially about, the photographer said he hopes that by sharing it, he can help raise awareness around the unwanted sexual advances women are faced with on a regular basis.

In addition to Instagram, the photo was shared on Reddit. However, the post was ultimately locked from allowing comments because of how lewd and off-color the thread was getting — which only further illustrates the issue the photographer was trying to address by sharing the image in the first place. 

While this form of sexual harassment is an age-old issue that isn’t going away any time soon, it shouldn’t be ignored. If at least one man is compelled to change his ways after seeing this disturbing image, then that is a step in the right direction. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Heinz-Peter Bader 

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