Photographer Takes Unbelievable Picture Of Pacific Storm From Plane

A man operating as both a photographer and pilot took an amazing photo on an airplane of a brewing storm over the Pacific Ocean.


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One photographer took artsy airplane shots to a whole new level.

Santiago Borja, a pilot and photographer, was able to capture a spectacular picture of a brewing storm over the Pacific Ocean near Panama City in June thanks to “clear skies and a little luck.”

In the image, you can see storm clouds and lightening in a mass swirling over the ocean.

According to ABC 5, Borja managed to get the shot from the cockpit of his plane at a height of 37,000 feet. When responding to awed commenters on National Geographic’s website, where the photo is featured, Borja noted that he was extremely lucky and that having a clean window for the shot was imperative.

He said he did not use any fancy lenses, only a Nikon DSLR, proving that any aspiring photographer can also aim to take such remarkable pictures.

The photo looks straight out of a NASA press release—it’s incredible that such perspective of a storm was possible only from an airplane.

On the National Geographic website, Borja titled the shot “Pacific Storm” with the caption, “A colossal Cumulonimbus flashes over the Pacific Ocean as we circle around it at 37000 feet en route to South America.”

The photo has also gone viral on Instagram, obtaining over 4,000 likes, which is a considerable amount for a weather image.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Ingolfur Juliusson

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