Southwest Pilot Applauds Flight That Consumed All Of The Alcohol

"Announcement on flight to Kansas City congratulates the entire aircraft for wiping them completely out of booze. Yep, it's a Raiders flight," sports writer Jimmy Durkin tweeted on Dec. 7.

A little booze is, arguably, the best remedy for easing anxiety up in the air.

Apparently, the passengers on a Southwest Airline flight from Oakland, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, were really, really jittery, since they drank all of the alcohol on board, WPXI reports. Literally.

The flight took place on Dec. 7, and the plane's pilot announced that all the alcohol was gone over the PA system, according to sports writer Jimmy Durkin, who was a passenger. 

To be clear, the plane was full of Oakland Raiders fans, not the actual athletes. He noted this based on Raiders merchandise worn by many of the passengers.

It's safe to assume this specific sports crowd likes to party, but Durkin noted the travelers weren't going wild.

"Not particularly rowdy," Durkin said of the people on board to Fox News. "Pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing."

Apparently, it is nothing particularly out of ordinary.

One Twitter user and obvious Raiders fan is especially excited over Durkin's declaration.

The camaraderie, here, is next level. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Bill Abbott

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