Pilot Showers His Millionth Passenger With Surprise Gifts

One dedicated Southwest Airlines captain went above and beyond to honor his millionth passenger during a recent flight from Denver to Pittsburgh.

FILE PHOTO: Southwest Airlines planes are seen...

With so many negative incidents occurring on flights recently, we are well overdue for some positive in-flight news.

As of late, Southwest Airlines has been flying under the radar (pun intended) amid all of the chaos its competitors have stirred up. Now, they have taken the spotlight thanks to one of their generous pilots.

Since retiring from the United States Air Force more than two decades ago, Captain John Richie has been a pilot for Southwest, all the while keeping track of the number of passengers he’s flown, Uproxx reports.

During a recent flight from Denver to Pittsburgh, Richie offered an incredibly generous gesture to his millionth passenger.

After making a heartfelt announcement to everyone over the intercom, he presented the traveler with a bottle of champagne and an envelope with cash inside in the amount of her plane ticket.

One detail that reports do not indicate is how, exactly, Richie determined who his millionth flyer was, but our guess is that he did some digging to learn the order in which each passenger bought their ticket for that particular flight, which shows an impressive level of dedication, to say the least. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Dylan Ashe 

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