'Planet Earth II': Leopard Grabs Piglet From Its Unsuspecting Mother

After showing a baby iguana escaping the clutches of starving snakes, this video of a leopard preying on a helpless piglet will give you nightmares.

BBC’s "Planet Earth II" continues to shock its viewers.

On the outskirts of the bustling Indian city of Mumbai, a leopard was caught on night vision camera preying on an unsuspecting piglet.

Filmed for BBC’s "Planet Earth II" series, the shocking clip shows a group of people walking home in the dark, completely unaware that a hungry predator is prowling nearby for food.

Meanwhile, Sir David Attenborough explains how “leopards have attacked almost 200 people in the last 25 years” in that region.

However, as it turned out, during this particular hunt, it wasn’t humans the leopard was after.

In the dead of the night, the large cat was, in fact, stalking a family of pigs in the undergrowth.

As soon as the mother pig settles down to rest, letting down its guard, the leopard pounces and grabs a squealing piglet.

The mother tries to save its baby but the chase ends in vain.

The video clips comes days after the BBC series showed male snow leopard fighting to “rape” a female, as she protected her young.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay, IanZA 

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