A Dog Had To Suffer For Its Pokemon-Loving Owner’s Stupidity

It’s perfectly fine to be obsessed with fictitious characters, be it a boy wizard or a chubby rodent Pokémon – but certainly not at the cost of your pet’s well-being.

Since Pokemon Go’s launch last month, almost everyone seems to be fixated on their smartphone screens (as if humans were not already unsociable enough.)

However, as has been the case with several other fads, some fans of the new augmented reality game have taken their mania too far, far too many times.

People have quit their full-time jobs, injured themselves, run into  trees as well as a police vehicle, among other stupidities, in their blind obsession with the craze.

In this particular case, however, it wasn’t a fan who paid the price for the nonsensical obsession with the game but an innocent dog.

Twitter user Elihudi Urassa, from Brighton, discovered a clip of a Pomeranian that's been dyed like Pikachu, a popular Pokemon rodent character:


Now, while a lot of people find the whole thing cute, there are many others who think dyeing the dog was an incredibly stupid thing to do since it could be harmful for its health:







PETA seems to agree with the latter group:


The U.K. charity Dogs Trust told Mashable:

"Dogs Trust, the U.K.’s largest dog welfare charity, is concerned by the trend for color-dyeing dogs and urges anyone considering this to be certain that the dye used is non-toxic and not medicated. We have seen an increase in the number of dogs dumped once they fall out of fashion and urge new dog owners to remember that a dog is for life. The charity understands that dog owners like to pamper their pooches; however, we strongly believe that a pet is not a fashion accessory and should not be paraded as such so as not to fuel this perception."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kim Kyung-Hoon

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