Police Brutality-Themed Proposal Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

An Alabama man is being dragged on Twitter for using one of the most controversial social issues for a surprise wedding proposal to his long-time girlfriend.

An Alabama man pulled off what is arguably the worst wedding proposal of all time.

Daiwon McPherson staged a police brutality-themed proposal for his girlfriend Shawna Blackmon, which has gone viral for being so insensitive and bizarre.

The video clip shows a police car pulling into a gas station where McPherson and a crowd of other people are standing around the pumps. Two white cops exit the vehicle with their guns drawn and immediately begin instructing McPherson to get on the ground while pointing their weapons at him.

After he gets down, he starts pulling out the ring while Blackmon tries to intervene to help her partner, whom she clearly believes is under duress. As McPherson remains down on his knee, he presents her with the ring, which incites a round of gasps and applause from bystanders and tears of joy from Blackmon.

According to Fusion, McPherson said he had arranged the proposal earlier that same day with the two officers who were “all for it.”

While the idea may have been unique, it was neither romantic nor tactful. Police brutality is a serious issue that has claimed too many black lives and created very tense relations between law enforcement and society. For McPherson to make a mockery of that just seems very thoughtless.

McPherson told AL that he wanted an interaction between a black man and police to go viral for having a positive outcome for a change, but this doesn’t come across as the best way to do that.

“I appreciate the way he did it... here we are, ending the year engaged!” Blackmon reportedly said of her fiancé's unconventional proposal.

Twitter did not share Blackmon’s sentiments. McPherson was dragged on social media by people who were not too happy with his proposal. There were a few who defended his intentions and applauded his cleverness, but the overall response was overwhelmingly negative.

While the Twittersphere may have seen this idea as a failure, at least McPherson can be pleased to know that his fiancée is happy with it and they can move forward with planning their special day. 

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