Even The Cops Were Impressed With This Epic Senior Prank

A group of high school seniors in Wisconsin pulled a prank that even got the police praising them. Now, the photos of the "accident" are going viral.

Say what you will about teens nowadays, but some of them sure know how to pull a creative prank.

Seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin knew it was time to say goodbye, so they did so in style.

Picking up a car from a junk yard, the group of seniors appear to have sawed it in half, placed it against a black tarp taped to the wall right outside the principal's office, and surrounded the vehicle with bricks.

The windows of the car read: “C-ya May 19, 2018!" and "CHS Class of 2018 We're Bustin Out."

Needless to say, the piece they put together really looks like the scene of an accident. Thankfully, it was just a prank.  

The Cumberland School District shared the photos of the prank on Facebook and congratulated the teens on the creative efforts behind this rendition.

On social media, the images of the prank went viral.

Some commentators even praised the teens for taking part in unique and eye-catching pranks that do not involve hurting anyone.

It’s truly refreshing to see teens getting creative in a fun and harmless way. We have heard too many destructive and offensive reports of pranks that accomplish nothing but divisiveness.

For once, this is the type of “mischievous” behavior we like to see coming from American students. 


Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user capa photos

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