Police Officer Caught On Surveillance Camera Shooting 2 Dogs In Yard

In surveillance footage, a Minneapolis police officer is caught climbing into a backyard and shooting two allegedly non-aggressive dogs.

When responding to a call about a home robbery on Saturday night, a Minneapolis police officer ended up shooting two service dogs in a fenced backyard, according to the StarTribune.

In the surveillance footage that's now on Facebook, the officer climbed over the fence into Jennifer LeMay's backyard and was greeted by the two dogs, Rock and Ciroc, before firing at them. Then he jumps back over the fence.

Neither that officer nor the one with him knocked on the front door. 

"He was wagging his tail," LeMay said. "My dog wasn't even moving, lunging toward him or anything." In the footage, the dog can be seen approaching the officer in a seemingly non-aggressive manner.

LeMay's two daughters had triggered the alarm, which notified the police to come, when they left a family camping trip earlier than everyone else. One of the daughters claimed to have seen the entire shooting from her upstairs window. 

According to the Minneapolis police spokesman Corey Schmidt, the police are investigating the case via LeMay's video and the officer's body camera. Another police member, Lt. Derrick Barnes, visited LeMay's house on Sunday evening.

The two dogs, which are used to help LeMay's son with anxiety, survived with one suffering a broken jaw. LeMay now owes thousands of dollars in vet bills. There's currently GoFundMe page in place to help the family afford the pup's medical bills.

In a similar case that occurred in Atlanta in 2015, it has recently been decided that DeKalb County pay a family $60,000 after breaking into a man's home, shooting him in the leg and fatally shooting his dog — without justification, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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