Pop Icon Richard Marx Helps Flight Crew Take Down Violent Passenger

After a Korean Airlines passenger became unruly mid-flight, singer Richard Marx sprang into action to help the crew members who were being attacked.

Pop legend Richard Marx and his wife, Daisy Fuentes, were traveling in Asia when they took down an irate airplane passenger on a rampage.

While on a Korean Airlines flight from Vietnam to South Korea, a man seated in a row next to the celebrity couple suddenly became violent, according to Uproxx. He began attacking the flight crew and other passengers.

His erratic behavior reportedly lasted for four hours before he was finally restrained. Fuentes captured photo and video footage of the incident and posted about it on Instagram early Tuesday.

“On our flight from Hanoi to Seoul a guy sitting in the next row from us got crazy & started attacking the flight attendants & passengers. When he started pushing the female staff and pulling them by the hair @therichardmarx was the first to help subdue him,” Fuentes recounted in her post’s caption.

Marx also tweeted about the ordeal, repeatedly noting that the flight crew was poorly trained and ill-equipped to handle such a chaotic situation.

While it’s still unclear what triggered the man’s violent outburst, he was reportedly arrested by Seoul police when the plane landed. It’s a good thing Marx was on board to lend a hand during such a bizarre and frightening ordeal. 

Banner Image Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

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