Porsche Bursts Into Flames At New York International Auto Show

A pricey sports car went up in flames during the highly anticipated automobile exhibition at Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.


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Posted by Vlad Shurigin on Thursday, March 31, 2016

The New York International Auto Show started with a literal bang on Thursday when one of the cars displayed caught fire due to an electrical malfunction.

The incident occurred at Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. Thankfully, workers put out the flames using fire extinguishers, though the damage could’ve been worse as startling videos, posted on various social media platforms, show the rear end of Porsche 991 completely engulfed in fire.

“Workers in the room quickly saw that there was an issue, used the fire extinguishers that were in the room and put it out within seconds of the fire starting,” said Chris Sam, spokesperson of the auto show. He also stressed that the event is an exhibition of privately owned "tricked out, tuned up cars” and the unfortunate Porsche, too, was privately owned and had several modifications.

Although the carpets had to be removed, no other damage or injuries were reported.

“I want to be clear this has nothing to do with Porsche the company," Sam added. “Protocol was followed. It happened in a contained area.”

Some people in attendance captured the scene on camera:



Car caught on fire at #nyias #nyas #porsche

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The Porsche 911 Turbo, also known as the 993 Turbo, comes in automatic or manual and currently costs around $130,000-$180,000.

The New York International Auto Show runs until April 3.

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