Hilarious Moment Porsche Driver Tries To Show Off – But Crashes

The shirtless showoff’s attempt to impress the crowd fell flat – maybe the experience will teach him to be more humble next time around.

A video that has recently surfaced on Instagram, shows tables turn on a Porsche driver trying to show off his supercar.

The incident occurred in Saint Tropez, France, when a shirtless man with a female passenger in his vehicle threw up a rock gesture with his hand before zooming past a crowd of onlookers. Unfortunately, his glory was only short-lived, as only a few seconds after driving off, he had to spontaneously swerve to the side to avoid crashing into  passersby.

People walking across the car park right in front of him screamed and jumped to the side as the Porsche crashed into a 4x4 parked ahead.

The posh vehicle got trapped in a hedge with its bonnet badly damaged and had smoke coming out of it. A crowd promptly collected around the car and then pushed it into a shed. The woman who was previously in the passenger seat looked pretty upset and could be seen frantically using her phone.

What happened next between the man and woman is unclear, but the show off appeared rather embarrassed.

Social media users found the video hilarious as one YouTube user commented, “How to be an idiot in 3 seconds hahahaha” and  another took the incident rather seriously as he wrote : “What's truly terrifying is when people like that take it to the streets. They are risking the lives of others. IT'S A GIANT BLOCK OF METAL GOING FAST, NOT A TOY.”

Hopefully, he will be a little more humble the next time around.

Watch the incident in the video above.

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