Meet The “Fuhrercious” Hitler Look-Alike Cat

A cat owner has ended up with a “fuhrercious” feline on her hands.

Looking at Portos Sansara, the Hitler look-alike feline, one sees more of the tyrannical German leader than the cat itself.

“When he was growing up, people would always ask me if his name is Adolf and whether he wanted to conquer the world, so the comparison just stuck after a while,” said the owner Elena Suleymanyan.

“Admittedly, Portos can be a real dictator at times, he can be very naughty and demanding, especially around feeding time,” she added.

However, Portos isn’t always so hoity toity and can be really nice and loving when he wants to be, but mostly he is just nasty and loves Elena to serve him – even feed him by hand.

As highly as Portos likes to think of himself; he is not the only cat with a resemblance to Adolf Hitler – though he may be the one closest to him in personality.

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Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Tobias Schwarz

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