Practically Useless Guards Can’t Stop Mass Prison Break In Brazil

CCTV footage captured inmates at the Monte Cristo prison in the Brazilian state of Roraima escaping by hopping over the wall with a makeshift ladder.

In the middle of the night, an undisclosed number of prisoners managed to escape Monte Cristo prison in Brazil, Telegraph reports.

Guards attempted to thwart the escape by shooting at the running men with rubber bullets and small explosives. They managed to shoot one man in the leg with a rubber bullet and recapture him. Another man was caught after he broke his foot in the scramble to break free.

According to local press, at night, prisoners’ cells are open and unlocked, making escape a relatively simple process. All the prisoners had to do was open a padlock on the ward and jump over the 13-foot wall, which dozens of inmates successfully did using a handmade ladder.

The CCTV footage below shows dozens of inmates pouring out of the ward into the courtyard with ladders and hopping the prison wall.



photo credit: YouTube, RawVideoNews

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