Pittsburgh Cries Foul Over Trump Using Its Name To Ditch Paris Accord

The president needs to know the Paris Agreement does not simply cover the French capital. It’s named so just because it was negotiated there.


If President Donald Trump thought invoking Pittsburgh’s name would win him points for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, he could not have been more wrong.

During his speech on the historic accords, the president suggested he pulled out of the climate deal on behalf of the voters of Pittsburgh.


“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said.

The Paris Agreement is a non-binding treaty in which formerly 195 countries (now 194) agreed to restrict their greenhouse emissions through their own strategies. It also goes without saying the accord does not simply cover the French capital. It’s named so just because it was negotiated there.





The president also forgot the fact that the majority of Pittsburgh did not vote for him, as Mayor Bill Peduto helpfully supplied.


Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, which also includes Pittsburgh, is a Democratic stronghold and 56 percent of the vote went to Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. That means, 107,000 more voters from the city supported Clinton.

It is also a well-documented fact that the citizens of Pittsburgh are strong believers of global warming and climate change. According to a study by Yale, 68 percent of adults in Pittsburgh metro area support limiting carbon footprints from coal industries. For the entire Allegheny County, the number increases to 74 percent. For Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District, it further increases to 78 percent.

In fact, about two-thirds of the state backs the Paris Agreement.

It was also found that 47 percent of Trump voters wanted the U.S. to remain a part of the deal, compared to just 28 percent who thought the country should pull out.

Mayor Peduto, who actually traveled to the French capital to push for the agreement, was also quite offended by Trump’s inaccurate assertion and took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.


The statement was backed by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo:


Rep. Mike Doyle, a member of Congress representing Pennsylvania’s 14th District, also spoke against Trump’s statement:


French President Emmanuel Macron also did not miss the opportunity to throw shade at the U.S. president:


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