Trump Just Lost The Foodie Vote After Ruining A Perfect Steak Meal

People are cringing over the fact that President Donald Trump eats his steak well-done with ketchup.

This is a “yuge” deal, at least in the minds of meat eaters everywhere who know how to enjoy a proper steak. 

President Donald Trump eats his steak well-done and with ketchup to boot. Now we know the commander-in-chief has been criticized for many things throughout his bid for presidency but this side of ketchup to go with an overcooked steak just tops it all.

Generally, people who order a piece of meat worth $50 would want to enjoy their meal, but getting your steak well-done just destroys the flavor of the steak. It’s better to eat a burger than a charred piece of meat.

But the business mogul prefers his steak like that, and eating it with ketchup makes it even more disastrous.


According to the Independent Journal Review, the president was dining out at BLT Steak by David Burke when his penchant for a well-done steak combined with ketchup was discovered.

Apparently, there was a special request for the ketchup, because the menu didn’t have it among the sauces that are generally served with steak cuts.

People on Twitter are not just concerned but outraged over their president’s eating habits.











Maybe we should all sign a petition for the formation of an executive order that bans smothering steak with ketchup?

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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