Prince Charles Brings Christmas Cheer To The Elderly

In an attempt to sew a felt Christmas snowman, the prince pricked his finger with a needle. But in the spirit of Christmas, he laughs it off.

Prince Charles is visiting hospices around the United Kingdom in an attempt to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the elderly.

The 68-year-old royal visited the Ayrshire Hospice in Ayr, Scotland and the next day went to Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice near Cheltenham, England.

The prince not only shook hands with Santa and made merry with guests but was also forced into sewing a felt snowman as a Christmas decoration — and in the process, stabbed his finger with a needle as guests laughed.

Resident Barbara Stacey got the honor of pulling a Christmas cracker with the royal and had a laugh with him as they both peered inside it to take a look at the presents within.

Click the video above to see how this royal had a fun time with the common people.

Banner/Thumbnail: Reuters

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