Athletes Thank Their Moms In P&G’s Emotionally Charged Olympics Ad

Released just in time for Mother’s Day, this brilliant new commercial shows how a parent’s strength becomes the strength of their children.

Behind every successful athlete, there is the unwavering love and support of a parent who trusted their child’s dream and believed they could achieve anything they wanted to. In its latest ad campaign, consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble has paid homage to those mothers in a manner that is sure to make you teary-eyed.

With the Olympics 2016 games in Rio, Brazil, fast approaching and  Mother’s Day just around the corner, the company released the newest installment of its popular “Thank You, Mom” campaign. While P&G’s commercials in the past, although widely appreciated and well admired, have mainly focused on the efforts and sacrifices moms make to help their children train for their career sports, the new ad honors athletes’ mothers by going back in the past and highlighting how a mother’s strength becomes the strength of her child.

The two-minute “Strong” video, directed by Jeff Nichols, whose works include the recently released sci-fi “Midnight Special,” shows young athletes facing oncoming natural disasters, car crashes, airplane turbulence, physical bullying and emotional harassment. However, in every case, their mothers stand by to protect and soothe them. Even later in life, when the pressure of training for Olympics games becomes too much, the athletes' mothers are there to reassure and remind them that everything would be OK.

Watch the complete commercial above and have the tissues ready for the waterworks that are sure to follow.

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The 2016 Rio Summer Games kick off on Aug. 5.

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