Video Of Punjabi And Mexican Neighbors Dancing Together Goes Viral

This joyful video of neighbors dancing together on the Fourth of July in California is going viral for all the right reasons.



Two neighborhoods in Stockton, California, were having street parties separately to celebrate the Independence Day. While one speaker played Latin songs, the other played Indian Punjabi songs.

But all the fun began when the Mexicans joined the Indian Punjabi party — it was the moment when another viral video was born. However this time, it didn’t go viral for any incident of hate crime or racism, it went viral for all good reasons, like America’s diversity and unity.

Jashandeep Kahlon, who posted the video featuring Mexicans and Punjabis dancing together to songs from their respective cultures on Twitter, told the Daily Mail he was partying with his friends when their Mexican neighbors began dancing in the street.

Both the parties joined in and started dancing to their songs. It started off with the chart-topping Puerto-Rican song "Despacito." Next on the playlist was the 2004 all-time favorite party anthem, "Gasolina," followed by a few other Latin American songs.

After the Latina mix, the music switched to some Punjabi songs. This was when the Indian group of men joined in to show their moves, and they even taught some sporty Mexicans their Indian dance moves. 

The entertaining video, shared by social media user Kahlon, has since gone viral  with over 22 million shares on Facebook in just a little over a week.

“2 different cultures dance together is so cool.Nice blend of music.Mexican & Punjabi,” a Facebook user from California posted.

Other reacted on Twitter after watching the amusing video.







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