Puppies Thrown From Truck Window Get Adopted By Heartbroken Dog Mom

After a mother dog lost two of her three puppies, she became the adoptive mom to a litter of pups that were in desperate need of love after being abandoned.

A bond between a mother and her baby is strong, some might even say it's unbreakable. That is generally the same across the animal kingdom, especially when it comes to dogs. Newborn pups are totally reliant on their mom for everything from food to warmth and love. But if something tragic happens, often, little can be done to repair the pain that follows.

A shelter dog named Blossom, unfortunately, didn't get to bond with all of her puppies when two of her three babies unexpectedly died earlier this month. The mother was completely heartbroken, searching all around her home for her missing pups. Foster mom Maggie Escriva told The Dodo that Blossom wouldn't eat and had become wrought with despair "which added to the heartbreak the rest of us were feeling."

Who would have guessed, though, that the very next day a miracle would appear? 

Escriva, who’s an intake coordinator for Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston, heard that there was a litter of puppies who we were having a rough time in a nearby town's shelter. According to KHOU, eight puppies had been thrown from a window of a moving pickup truck. Only six survived the traumatic ordeal. The dogs were so young that their eyes weren't even open. Young and helpless, they had no momma to care for them.

Escriva says, “It was obvious they needed a mom.” While she wasn’t sure that Blossom would accept the pups, she still decided to take them home. To her surprise, it worked! “Blossom looked at the puppies. Then climbed into the bed and started cleaning and feeding them.” 

The puppies were all given cute plant names, and according to Escriva, they're growing like weeds. “Blossom is teaching us that the best way to heal is to help others.”

Blossom and her babies will be up for adoption soon. If you're interested in one of the pups, you can find more information here.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Wikimedia Commons, Sagaciousphil 

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