Australian Man Believes A Ghost Child Entered His Home At Night

This man’s front gate opened in the middle of the night — and he thinks it was a dead child entering his home.

Does the video above show something paranormal? Well, the owner certainly thinks so.

A Queensland man claims he captured a recording of the ghostly child who opened the front gate of his home in the middle of the night.

Chris Mitchell-Clare has shared a creepy video which shows the door of his house opening after an apparent glitch in the security camera at his Sunshine Beach home in the early hours of Wednesday.

Mitchell-Clare first noticed his door standing open — which, incidentally, he had locked up — and thought somebody must have broken into his house at night. But after investigating the incident by looking at his CCTV, he became convinced a supernatural creature entered his house, a scant moment after a car drove by.

Footage starts with an ordinary view of Mitchell-Clare’s front door which is closed. Abruptly, the screen suffers interference and when the video becomes clear again, the door is seen hanging open. After scrutinizing the glitch in the video, Michelle-Clare comes to the conclusion that a ghostly child entered his home.

“Shocking evidence I pulled off of my security system this morning of something that would clearly validate the supernatural. This is raw footage copied straight from the DVR and captured off of one of our camera's this morning,” Mitchell-Clare wrote on his Facebook page.

Viewers have regarded the clipping with skepticism because the time stamp in the upper right corner skips ahead four hours after the glitch occurred.

However, Mitchell-Clare insists the video is the real deal and says people who do not believe in the supernatural are only using the time stamp to make the video out as fake.

“As I said, that's the cameras time which I never set up and the top left timestamp is the DVR's timestamp to show exactly when the recording took place as it watermarks it. Obviously too many people out there just cannot handle video evidence,” said Mitchell-Clare to a sympathetic Facebook user.

Mitchell-Clare, who moved into the house a year ago, had heard rumors a person died on the property years ago but had not had them confirmed.

However, he believes there is definitely something suspicious about his home.

“I've only been living in this place for the last year and my security cameras have picked up strange things happening so I was suspicious when I saw the footage and what looked like a kid standing at the end holding it,” Mitchell-Clare told Sunshine Coast Daily.

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