Quick-Thinking Neighbors Save Toddler From Five-Story Fall

A group of neighbors was at the right place at the right time to save a toddler who had fallen over a fifth floor balcony at his grandmother's house.

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A group of residents in Dongguan, China are being hailed as heroes after saving the life of a toddler who climbed over the railing of a fifth floor balcony while playing “hide-and-seek.”

The neighbors caught the young boy in a quilt after police instructed them to find soft things to break his fall. 

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"It took me a long time to calm down and I was not able to sleep last night," the boy's mother said after her son's brush with death.

Neighbors spotted him on the balcony alone, according to the South China Morning Post. The boy had locked his grandmother out of the room in her home while they were playing the hiding game together.

His grandmother told him to unlock the door, but he couldn’t and became upset after struggling to open it. He went out onto the balcony and climbed over the railing in an attempt to escape the room he was stuck in.

Someone called the police and told them what they were witnessing. The authorities instructed them to hold out quilts to catch him in case he fell and sure enough, he fell. 

The boy made it out completely unharmed as confirmed by a doctor who examined him after the fall. 

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Watch the terrifying CCTV footage below:

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @STATter911

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