CNN Host Casually Humiliates Spelling Bee Champ With Racist Gibe

"It is a nonsense word but we're not sure that its root is in Sanskrit, which is probably what you're used to,” CNN's Alisyn Camerota said.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota is under fire for her casually racist remark to a 12-year-old spelling bee competitor.

Anaya Vinay, an Indian-American, faced off against another Indian-American, Rohan Rajeev, in the final round of the competition held at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Maryland and came out victorious.

As the winner, the young girl was then interviewed by numerous channels and news networks, but when CNN talked to Vinay, it seems like the host couldn’t get past her race and origin.

Since the interview came just days after President Donald Trump tweeted “negative press covfefe” instead of “negative press coverage,” Vinay was asked to spell the newly concocted word. 

The 12-year-old spelled the word as “cofefe” which was not how the POTUS had spelled it. Camerota then went on to reveal the correct spelling to the girl before getting extremely racist.

“It again is a nonsense word, so we’re not sure that its root is in Sanskrit, which is probably what you're used to using,” the host said.

The interview soon wrapped up, but obviously Camerota's racist statement was enough to enrage social media users and anyone who realizes that first, Sanskrit, just like Latin, is not spoken anymore. Secondly, this girl is an Indian-American who mastered English to such an extent that she won the fiercely competitive spelling competition. So, the host's ignorance itself is quite appalling and one can’t help but wonder why she had to throw in the bit about Sanskrit in a conversation about spelling.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Camerota didn’t even realize what she had just done with her racist comments, but co-host Chris Cuomo looked visibly uncomfortable and immediately shifted focus back to Vinay’s achievements.

But of course, nothing is spared by the internet and Twitter users unleashed their wrath on Camerota.






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