Racist Trump Fan Tells McDonald’s Employee To ‘Go Back To Mexico’

In this video, a citizen journalist in Kansas records an elderly Caucasian man verbally harassing a Hispanic McDonald’s employee who is cleaning nearby.

Facebook user Ang Hernandez posted a distressing video of what she witnessed on Tuesday during her visit to a McDonald’s in Kansas.

In the video, an elderly Caucasian man wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt is depicted throwing trash on the ground and telling a Hispanic McDonald’s employee to “go back to Mexico.”

The employee retorted, “You go back to Mexico.” But, his response fell on deaf ears as the old man yelled back “Me-xi-co” in a loud, condescending tone.

Below the video post, Hernandez wrote,

“This man first was making fun of my clients while we were sitting at McDonald's, and now he's purposefully throwing his trash on the floor and telling the Hispanic worker to go back to Mexico! I seriously couldn't believe this. What is this world coming too [sic]…”


The video rapidly went viral, which is not surprising considering despite how many supporters Trump has, there are plenty of people who can’t stand the trash-talking GOP candidate or the ignorant people who stand behind him.

The link to the original video on Facebook is here

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