Woman In China Rams SUV Into Jaguar In A Fit Of Road Rage

The crowd cheered as the woman rammed her SUV into the parked Jaguar, again and again, until the Jag's right side was completely destroyed.

A woman in China was detained after she smashed her Range Rover into a Jaguar not once or twice, but again and again and again.

The Jaguar driver was blocking the SUV’s way as the unidentified woman attempted to get out of the parking area.

Although it looked like a case of road rage, there were reportedly underlying problems that led to the shocking confrontation.

The Ranger Rover driver's mother was reportedly involved in a financial argument with the Jaguar driver's company. So, when the latter intentionally tried to stop the SUV from leaving the parking, the woman lost her temper and slammed her vehicle into the luxury car.

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Oddly, a crowd not only looked on as the incident unfolded but cheered her on as well. In fact, a police officer was also present at the scene but didn’t intervene.

After removing the Jaguar from her way, the woman drove away.

The SUV driver was later arrested for “intentional damage to property,” South China Morning Post reported. Also, Xiamen police are investigating the financial dispute between the two parties.

Road rage cases in China are becoming more common as cities become congested. In March, a bizarre video emerged from Sichuan Province, showing a car driving onto the front of another vehicle after being cut off in traffic.

“From the beginning of 2012 to the end of April this year [in China], police linked 104 million traffic violations to some form of road rage, ranging from forcibly changing lanes or overtaking other vehicles, to failing to yield,” CNN reports.

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