Redditors Spooked By Selfie Of 'Demonic' Girlfriend With 'Two Faces'

In the picture, one of the heads is smiling serenely while the other head is turned away and has a singularly demonic expression on it.


Remember that time when Erika sneezed during the panorama?

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No, this image is not Photoshopped. At least, that is what the man who took it says.

Reddit user JuddJasper shared a photo of him and his girlfriend posing in front of Hungary’s Parliament in Budapest. The selfie had the potential to become a sweet vacation memory — that is, if for one glaring irregularity. It seems JuddJasper’s girlfriend has two heads.

In the picture, one of the heads is smiling serenely while the other head is turned away and has a singularly demonic expression on it. All the while, her unsuspecting boyfriend beams at the camera.

As soon as JuddJasper posted the image online, people either started telling him his girlfriend may have a demonic entity residing within her or she may be a mythical creature.

However, JuddJasper explained none of these theories were true. The reason was much more ordinary.

The man explained his phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7, has a “wide selfie” option which is quite similar to a panorama feature. This means, people must stand absolutely still while the phone captures a set of images that makes up a wide angle picture. Unfortunately, for JuddJasper’s girlfriend, she had to sneeze in the middle of the shot. The action moved her head to the side and the ensuing picture shows both her photogenic look and her “possessed” side.

The Redditor stated he found the photo so hilarious it interrupted their tour to the Hungarian Parliament.

“We're on vacation in Budapest and I couldn't even enjoy the scenery at parliament because of the tears,” he wrote.

It seems he was not the only one in stitches. Many Reddit users who viewed the picture said it made their day.

It seems this phenomenon isn’t new either. If you search #panoramafail on Instagram, you will find a whole bunch of otherworldly — and not just a little creepy — photographs.

This one looks like a couple of people splinched (a reference to Harry Potter books where a botched Apparition attempt results in a wizard leaving parts of their bodies behind) themselves.


..looking forward to the next adventure ???? #milano???? #panoramafail #greattimes

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These look like someone thwacked them on the face with a heavy saucepan.


My new favorite picture of me. #panoramafail

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And this one is just the stuff of nightmares.


Steam cleaning panorama style ?? #panoramafail

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 Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Vasily Fedosenko

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