Reddit Users Help Woman Decipher Her Mother's Final Words

“She may not have been lucid, but her demeanor completely changed when she was telling you she loved you.”

A woman was overwhelmed to discover an old video of her mother who died three years ago but her joy was short-lived when she found out it had no audio.

However, the woman, identified only as Bridget, didn’t give up and posted the video on Reddit, asking users who are good at lip-reading to help.

“My mom passed away three years ago. I was going through my old phones and found this video but for some reason there's no sound. If someone can help me with this I'd be eternally grateful,” she wrote.

One can make out by the facial expressions that the conversation between the mother and daughter in the video is surely emotional but it is nearly impossible for an average person to understand it. With her post to Reddit, redditors came to the rescue.

With the help of a variety of techniques, users started preparing a script. While some used lip-reading tactics others placed headphones on the side of the throat to amplify the clip’s low-volume audio track. With the help of a mixture of techniques, the users were successful in generating an audio script.

The final script emotional, to say the least.

According to script prepared by the users, Bridget asked her mother, “Do you have anything you want to tell me?”

“Oh. Is there something you want me to tell you?” replied the mother.

“Tell me you love me,” Bridget said.

To that the mother replied, “I love you. I do. I think you know that.”

The mother also told the daughter that she's “pretty hard on herself... about 75 percent of the time. [A] strong 75 percent.”

At one point, the video got cut when the mother said she wanted to apologize.

Overwhelmed by the response, Bridget reached out to all the users who helped her.

“Thank you so much!!!! The 75 percent thing definitely brings back some memories,” she wrote.  

Several users offered their condolences as well.

“She may not have been lucid, but her demeanor completely changed when she was telling you she loved you,” wrote one user.

While another said, “Your mother loved you. May she rest in peace.”

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