Reebok Owns Nordstrom Over Ridiculous Fake Mud Jeans

After being relentlessly mocked over fake mud jeans online, Nordstrom gets a taste of its own medicine with Reebok's decision to sell "pre-sweated" shirts.



When we think the world has finally lost it, down-to-earth jokers step in and save the day.

Nordstrom, luxury department store chain, got mercilessly mocked after putting out fake mud jeans for sale at the “low” price of $425. On Twitter, users did not miss the opportunity to let the brand know its decision to sell this unique type of clothing is as unfortunate as it sounds.





In response to the luxury brand, Reebok put out a lighthearted version of Nordstrom's soiled jeans, listing a sweat-soaked shirt for the exact price.

Claiming that the sweat is a courtesy of employees at Reebok's Canton, Massachusetts, headquarters, the company added that the “pre-sweated” material is designed for the perfect “post-workout look and smell” so the customer doesn't have to put in any actual work. Was that a hint that Nordstrom's muddied jeans are all about mocking hard-working men?



The commentary associated with the product was on point. And the internet — once again — did not disappoint.





By Wednesday afternoon, Reebok had claimed the shirt was “sold out.”

It's quite telling that a luxury brand would want to mimic a working man's look in such an insensitive way. Thankfully, Reebok stepped up the game, showing Nordstrom how pathetic their fashion sense had become.

We wonder if Nordstrom will eventually apologize for the gaffe — or if they are shamelessly oblivious to the backlash. Only time will tell.

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