Guy FaceTimed Wrong Number, Now They're Friends For Life

A technological glitch proves making new friends is now as easy as dialing a wrong number.


Sometimes technology can be your best friend. And sometimes it can help you make a new friend.

Chicagoan Rell Hill recently experienced something of the sort when he accidentally dialed a wrong number while trying to FaceTime with his buddy.

“G so the other day I thought I was callin my homie but I guess it was the wrong number this lil white Boi picked up talking bout how you get my number so I hung up and called back thought my phone was tweakin he picked up again lmao but he was cool Asltho him and his homie,” Hill wrote in a Facebook post.

Hill was surprised when he saw a stranger at the other end of the line. Although he did not intend to call the 15-year-old, the two soon hit it off and began speaking like they were long lost friends. The impromptu conversation lasted about 15 minutes (which is honestly quite long for two strangers), but ended in a new friendship.

The young man who seemed pretty excited about his new friend took a few screenshots during their conversation, and posted them to Facebook. The duo was seen laughing, joking and probably having a good time.

Apparently, they even took their conversation onto text messages soon after hanging up the video chat session.

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